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Should Danish Culture be more international?

Should Danish culture become more international?

Citing a report by Kristen Bjørnkjær for the Danish daily news website, euro|topics presents the arguments for opening up the country that nurtured the talents of Olafur Eliasson, among many other artists. After gaining power, Denmark’s conservative government has gone for the open approach by announcing that Danish culture should show the influences of interacting with foreign cultures beyond the country’s borders.

 “The funds that flew into individual communities so far have mainly gone to projects that encompass international cooperation,” writes Bjørnkjær. “This is why the communities are wracking their brains for ideas that integrate foreign artists. . . . Danish painters are moving to Berlin, films are exported, books translated.” But according to Bjørnkjær, the state could do much more than simply promote this development.

Citing Mark Lorentzen of the Copenhagen Business School, Bjørnkjær points to a fundamental problem: “The Danish ministry of culture sees culture as a way of making money.”


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