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Danish royals get pay rise

Denmark’s royal family will receive a 1.9 million kroner pay raise next year.

Prince Henrik, who is married to Queen Margrethe, is set to be given a total budget of 7.1 million Danish kroner – a rise of 200,000 kroner from last year.

Crown Prince Frederik – who is heir to the Danish throne – and his wife Crown Princess Mary will see their allowance increased by 400,000 kroner, bringing their spending to 17.6 million kroner.

Prince Joachim and Princess Marie are to be allocated a budget of 3.1 million kroner, which is 100,000 kroner more than last year.  Queen Margrethe’s younger sister Princess Benedikte will receive a total of 1.1 million kroner in 2010.  The monarch’s cousin, Count Ingolf, will be granted a rise of 100,000 kroner.

Countess Alexandra – the former wife of Prince Joachim – is also set to be given an extra 100,000 kroner, bringing her total budget to 2.1 million. However, because the countess is a private citizen she will have to pay tax on the money.

This isn’t the first piece of good news Danish Crown Prince Frederik has received recently.

Earlier this month, it was revealed the future king, Mary and their two children – Prince Christian, four, and two-year-old Princess Isabella – are to move to a 17th century palace in the Danish capital of Copenhagen.

Frederik VIII’s Palace in Amalienborg has been empty since the death of Queen Ingrid in 2000 and is currently undergoing a $29 million renovation, which is due to be finished by the end of this year.


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Danish-owned wind blade factories in Britain closed after protests

A Danish-owned wind turbine firm closed two factories in Britain Wednesday with the loss of 425 jobs following a two-week ‘occupation’ by angry workers.

Vestas Wind Systems said it had ceased blade production activities at its sites on the Isle of Wight and in Southampton, southern England, because of lack of demand.

The Danish firm obtained a court order last week to remove six workers who had occupied the Isle of Wight plant for over two weeks to delay its closure.

The decision to close the plants had been ‘very difficult,’ Ole Borup Jakobsen, president of Vestas Blades, said.

‘Nonetheless, this commercial decision was absolutely necessary to secure Vestas’s competitiveness and create a regional balance between production and the demand for wind turbines,’ he added.

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Headscarves officially banned from Danish military

Soren Gade, the Defense Minister of Denmark, has informed Parliament that Muslim women working in the Danish armed forces will not be allowed to wear their traditional headscarves anymore while on duty. The recent debate has threatened to boil over into a social bias issue, but the military is standing firm that their uniform is distinct and necessary for a purpose.

The response from the Defense Minister comes after a week of debate over a female Home Guard solider, Maria Mawla, who was given permission to wear her headscarf under her helmet while in uniform. The Danish People’s Party, however, reacted strongly to this in a Parliament session and demanded the Home Guard either enforce the uniform code or tell Ms Mawla to find another job.

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