What is hygge?

Hygge [‘hoo-ga’] –  a deep sense of place & well-being; a feeling of friendship, warmth, contentment and peace with your immediate surroundings.

Hygge is a Danish concept which roughly describes that warm and fuzzy feeling when you’re surrounded by good food and good company.  Hygge is an important element of the Danish mentality. The term is difficult to translate, but it is often, inadequately, translated as cosiness. Yet, it is much more than that because it encompasses many different words.  Hygge can mean cosy, comfy, snug and having a good time according to the context the word is used in, but most of all hygge means all of that in one term which makes it such a unique Danish word.

The term hygge is widely used and connected with different situations. For instance you can have a hygge-evening and a hygge-weekend. You can have a hygge-chat and you can even sit in a hygge-corner.

Hyggelig is the adjective for hygge and is used about many things. A person can be described as hyggelig, a café and a town – especially if it is a small town – can be hyggelig. Furniture for instance a sofa can be hyggelig and candlelights are definitely hyggelige.

Needless to say everyone deserves a bit of Hygge in their life!

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